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  • Chien-Hung Huang


    Chien-Hung Huang is Associate Professor of Graduate School of Interdisciplinary Arts at the National Taipei University of Arts. He has published numerous books, including Trans-fiction: Investigation Project of Asia (2017), Discordant Harmony (2016), Smile of Montage (2013), and Trans-Plex Agenda (2011). He has also translated the following books on contemporary cinema and philosophy from French: Esthétique relationelle of Nicolas Bourriaud (2013), Image-Mouvment, Image-Temps of G. Deleuze (2003), La guerre n’a pas eu lieu (2002), L’objet singulier of J. Baudrillard (2004), Destin des images of J. Rancière (2012). As a curator, he has been particularly interested in exploring the contemporary art of Asia and has curated exhibition including Chim↑Pom’s Beautiful World (2012), Schizophrenia Taiwan 2.0 (2013), Co/Inspiration in Catastrophe (2019), Queering Umwelt (2019). In 2018 he was a guest scholar of Vitamin Creative Space, Gwangzhou, China. Among others, he is a member of editorial committee of New Media (Trans-Media School of China Academy of Arts), Hangzhou, China.