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    Luke Ching (b.1972, Hong Kong) twists the roles of artists and observers within and beyond the city. He breeds a discursive system with a good mix of humor, responding to and interrogating the cultural and political collisions occurring in Hong Kong. Ching has participated in exhibitions and residencies worldwide. In 2016, he was awarded the Artist of the Year (Visual Art) award by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council. His Undercover Worker project was recently shortlisted for the Visible Award 2019.


    Panic Disorder, 2019

    In the anti-extradition movement, the police referred to the protesters as cockroaches. Luke Ching first used double-sided adhesive tape to make cockroach sculptures when he was a student 20 years ago. However, due to his fear of cockroaches, he has never examined the structure of real cockroaches, nor has he sketched them, either with photographs or real specimens. There are many fantastical details in this man-made artificial cockroach that magnify certain features of the insect and add some non-realistic parts. If one compares this man-made cockroach to real ones, they do not look similar at all. In Panic Disorder, Luke Ching creates the terrifying cockroach of his fantasy, implying that people often legalize extreme violence inflicted on the political demonstrations by demonizing, animalizing or even objectifying the Other.