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    Mr. Water+m#e^s (est. Taiwan) is a team of artists who care about art and movement. +m, #e, ^s are the code names of the team members. ‘Lau Shui’ means flowing water, the characteristics highlighted by the Hong Kong anti-extradition movement. In Cantonese, ‘Sang’ means birth, and it bares the meaning of ‘being born’. Lau Shui Sang is, thus, used as a question and as an action. As the Cantonese word ‘Sang’ means ‘Mr.’, the phrase can be so also called ‘Mr. Water’.


    Where is Mr. Water?, 2020

    ‘Be Water’ as a mode of resistance during the anti-extradition movement expresses a high intensity and the flexibility of collective actions. In addition, the strategy of ‘Be Water’ generates a new communal imagination in a modern society defined by isolation and individualism. In this regard, the generation of power and the deployment of movement can be equated with artistic practices. With the question ‘Where is Mr. Water?’, we try to look back, analyze, and explore the face of ‘Demo-stream’.

    Mr. Water+m#e^s uses the corridor and a gallery room space, materializing the concept of Lennon wall to display a myriad of promotional materials and visual information with an objective, universal collective consciousness. The wall extends throughout the corridor and enters the gallery, creating a psychological site that refers to individual subjectivity.