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  • Shaoxiong Chen


    Shaoxiong Chen (1962-2016, Shantou, China) has worked with a range of media, including video, installation, photomontage, painting, performance, and collective action. His pieces have increasingly focused on the major challenges faced by Chinese society as a result of globalization. At the same time, he has also permitted expressive forms of the past to be recreated and enter into his practice. He often invites members of the public to participate in some of his works, which inspire and share collective memories and ideals related to urban and social change.


    Ink Media, 2011-2013

    Protests, marches and rallies congregated in the central squares of various cities. This long-standing tradition of street politics is now growing and spreading more rapidly through the Internet, activating a virtual square in various social networks. They are heart-wrenching, exhaustive, live-streaming, violent, bloody, and filled with unpredictable scenes. Chen collects and creates images of the street movements happening simultaneously around the world on social media. While the artist works in a quiet studio, the world outside is full of vigorous spectacle. Using the narrative of image and rice paper, and the logic of cameras and computers, Chen sees another world – one in parallel to our daily lives – through the internet. This work allows us to think about political demonstrations through a re-reading of image clustering.