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  • Yooseung Jung


    Yooseung Jung (b. 1990, South Korea) records her views on sex workers of Gwangju in a variety of ways, including video, installation, and publication. She researches the history of sex workers and the spaces they are gathering in and the lives of people living there. At the same time, she works on East Asian gender issues.


    Women of Hwang Geum-dong, 2018

    This project concerns the women of the Hwang geum-dong call box and the anonymous protests in the Gwangju Uprising. They took charge of transporting water, food and even contributed their blood as a medical donation. But with the stigma of prostitution, they were rendered silent demonstrators. The artist appropriates the official memorial form at the site of the injustice in Gwangju, reflecting the democratic experience of these historically marginalized demonstrators through life textures like voices, objects, and memories.


    Day and Night of District, 2018


    Filmed the day and night of the most well-known assembly place of prostitution in Gwangju and made a 2-channel video. Invites viewers to sense the place where day and night are reversed when seeing the assembly place during contrasting time zone periods simultaneously. Of course, if the assembly place is viewed as the lonesome ruins durins the day, it is also a different type of ruins that attracts people during the night. In this sense, it is virtually impossible to distinguish between the two spaces. One would rather say that one had not seen the assembly place duing the day. It is difficult to locate an exit from the harsh exploitation and the vicious cycle of debt in these ruins, but it is clear that they live in a time and space of the assembly place.